Irish Bouzouki M&M Model

Irish bouzouki M&M model.

This is the best model you can have. The best materials and hardware are only two out of three essential parts. The most important part is inside. This model has a custom bracing made of years of experience and evolution. Each M&M model has the same bracing with a little different each one. I use a particular technique called tap tuning on each soundboard and back. With tap tuning, I can hear how the soundboard or back sounds. Now I can add another small brace or shrink what I already have to tune into a particular note on my wooden board. This way I can follow the natural sound of the wood and make the surface flexible or harder for a perfect result.
To guarantee truly top quality, this model has many options already included in basic price.
Inlcuded on base price
-Schaller GT tuners
-Slotted headstock
-Inlay fretboard and rosette
-Custom tailpiece for loop and/or ball end string
-K&Kpure mini piezo
-Hard case or custom soft one

Custom M&M model