Irish Bouzouki BINE model

This is the BINE model (Bouzouki Irlandese Natural Essence) and is a base model.
This model have a classic bracing, the same one used by almost all bouzouki makers. This is a base model but here you can find the same quality of my work and you can customize it in every parts.

 The base price for this model is 1600 euro.

Included on base price:
-Gotoh SG series
-Solid headstock
-Nude rosette
-Plastic fret marker

On request
-Custom tailpiece
-Custom fret marker


 The base price for this model is 1660 euro.


-Gotoh tuners SG

-Spurce soundboard

-Ebony bridge and fingerboard
-Maple neck






-Maple or Platan tree back and sides

-Plastic fret marker

-Hard top oil finish

On request: 



-Sound hole wood








V Anniversary

Classic glued bridge

Classic leaning bridge